Help Wanted

Chatr was created by David Sterry. Ayhan Baris has helped by adding smilies and Turkish support. Damien Benoit has helped with a lot of ideas for improvement.

The source code is available at our Github repository

If you have found Chatr useful and you'd like to help move the project forward, donate to Bitcoin address 19fqS1EpYBTnHYDEHTJyVPiJLUXjs8YMUQ. If I receive more than 1 BTC at that address, I'll start working on another of the below features though not necessarily in order.

* add forum login support so chatr can be integrated with phpbb, vbulletin, etc.
* flood protection, kick and ban by ip
* add logging to some functions
* drop enters with no other text
* private messaging
* only give the messages from the past 10 seconds; remove duplicates using hash with time at the client
* allow long client buffers
* use POST instead of GET to enter text to posttext.php
* room password so drive-by's not possible
* ssl support
* instant post doesn't require return from server then just check that post was successful
* support for more user agents than just ie and netscape
* add a close/exit button and command: graceful exit using onbeforeunload
* only show admin password box if administrator is typed in
* add multi-language support